Protect us from all anxiety

There's a moment at every Catholic wedding that outs the Protestants. It wasn't intentionally designed that way, and it only occurs because the Lutherans, Methodists, and others think they (finally) understand what's going on. They hear words that are familiar, so they boldly join in (thereby distinguishing themselves from the non-religious folks, who are too … Continue reading Protect us from all anxiety

Homosexuality, homelessness, curses, and blessings

On March 15, the Vatican announced that it won't bless same-sex unions, because, as they say "God does not and cannot bless sin". (Quick aside: It's interesting to consider that, after all, there is one thing the [allegedly] omnipotent creator of the universe cannot do.) This statement should have surprised no one. But it did. … Continue reading Homosexuality, homelessness, curses, and blessings