Homosexuality, homelessness, curses, and blessings

On March 15, the Vatican announced that it won't bless same-sex unions, because, as they say "God does not and cannot bless sin". (Quick aside: It's interesting to consider that, after all, there is one thing the [allegedly] omnipotent creator of the universe cannot do.) This statement should have surprised no one. But it did. … Continue reading Homosexuality, homelessness, curses, and blessings

Those women in sandals who died in El Salvador

What are their names? I asked, staring at the picture before me in my spiral-bound Catechism workbook. I don't remember how old I was, but since that time, the image has seared into my brain. Through somewhat blurry sepia-tones, I could make out the bodies of two women - their sandaled feet protruding from under … Continue reading Those women in sandals who died in El Salvador